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Drop-Off Info:

Drop off dates and times will be provided to sellers in the seller packet. On those dates, please bring your items to your resale location and enter through the main entry. Volunteers will be waiting to check you in and help direct you.

Sellers will be responsible for separating and dropping items off in their designated areas. To expedite the process, we suggest sorting of items prior to drop off. Categories to separate out:

-Toys (preschool, infant, toddler)

-Baby care items (eatery, carriers, diapering, breast pumps, bottles, bathing, safety, sound machines)

-Games, electronics, puzzles, dvds, cds, flash cards

-Outdoors (sports equipment, water play)

-Home Décor & crafts (lamps, jewelry boxes, piggy banks, wall decor, playdoh, crafts, scrapbooking)

-Bedding (sheets, blankets, swaddlers, sleeping bags, bedding sets)

-Books (including homeschool curriculum)

-Shoes (separated by gender/size)

-Clothing (separated by gender, size, and type [pajamas, shirts, pants, outfits])

-Accessories (socks, bagged onesies [fall only], hair accessories, belts, underwear, etc

Sellers are asked to allow for extra time at drop off in order to fulfill the above requirements.

This information, along with additional seller information (including pick-up, labeling items, pricing, accepted items, etc) will be available in the resale packet that is provided to you in the weeks prior to the sale. Please refer to this packet for more complete/detailed information.

Items that remain after the sale: Sellers may choose to donate or pick up any unsold items following the sale by using a specific color-coded tag.

The purpose of the sale is to provide great quality items for families at a reasonable price! 

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