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Accepted Items:

In order to keep shoppers coming back each season, we offer quality items that are in season and in great condition.

Please do not try to sell items that have stains, tears, excessive wear, smoke or musty smells, missing pieces, ripped, out of date, etc; items that do not meet our standards will be rejected and returned to the seller. Natural light is best when examining your items.

Sellers are expected to refer to their seller packet, updated each sale, with the most up-to date information.  The seller packet is the source of truth.

  • Clothing:
    • Children’s: Girls' (Preemie/Newborn-Junior 17), Boys' (Preemie/Newborn-20)

    • Maternity: clothing, nursing bras, outerwear, and other maternity accessories. All sizes

    • Junior’s: (through junior size 17)

  • Accessories:
    • Shoes: Infants/Toddlers, Kids, Adults (through size 10)

    • Other: Purses, socks, tights, hair accessories, jewelry, hats/gloves (seasonal), underwear

  • Toys:
    • Infant, Preschool/Toddler, Boy/Girl Specific

    • Costumes & dress up clothes

    • Indoor & outdoor (bikes, slides, playhouses, motorized ride-ons, wagons)

  • Feeding, Bathing, Baby Care:
    • Breast pumps, bottles, plates, cups, bibs, bathtubs, towels, potty chairs, slings, carriers, diaper pails, boppys, monitors

  • Bedding & such:
    • Crib bedding sets & individual items, toddler/twin/full size bedding, blankets, swaddlers

    • Crib mobiles & sound machines

    • Car seat covers & accessories

  • Books, Games, Electronics:
    • Books: toddler through teen, devotionals, pregnancy, parenting, homeschooling, educational, cookbooks, fitness

    • Games: board games, cards, puzzles

    • Electronics: CDs, DVD/Blu-rays, game consoles, video games, karaoke machines

  • Décor & Household:
    • Piggy banks, wall decals, paintings, plaques, lamps, rugs, picture frames

  • Baby Items:
    • Highchairs, pack ‘n plays, swings, Bumbo seats, step stools, bouncy seats, strollers

  • Furniture:
    • Cribs, toddler beds, bookshelves, children’s tables, organizers, rockers/gliders, bassinets

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Arts & Craft supplies

    Season Specifics:


    • Clothing: short sleeved shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris, pants/jeans/dress pants, short sleeved & sleeveless dresses, thin jackets, full zipped hoodies, swim suits

    • Maternity clothing: spring/summer shirts (long & short sleeved), nursing bras, coats, pants, shorts, swim suits, dresses, and other maternity accessories.

    • Accessories: shoes, sandals, cleats, sun hats,

    • Outdoors: bikes, wagons, play houses, ride on toys, sand boxes, life jackets, water toys


    • Clothing: long sleeved shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, long pants/jeans/dress pants, capris, long sleeved dresses, dresses made of heavier winter fabrics and other holiday clothing, jackets, coats, snow pants, outer wear,

    • Maternity clothing: fall/winter shirts (long & short sleeved), nursing bras, coats, pants, and other maternity accessories.

    • Accessories: shoes, boots, cleats, hats, gloves, Holloween costumes

    • Outdoors: bikes, wagons, play houses, ride on toys, sand boxes, sleds

    We are unable to accept the following:

    • Items with stains, odors, tears, smoke or excessive wear

    • Car seats

    • Battery operated items without batteries

    • Items unrelated to children or maternity

    • Pet supplies

    • Cassette & VHS tapes

    • Items occult in nature including (but not limited to) witches, skull & cross bones, Bratz, Monster High, Harry Potter

    • Porcelain dolls

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