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Volunteer: Community & Super

Online Volunteer Sign Up Available:

Volunteer sign up for community & super volunteers will be completed online only. Sign up for your shift(s) from the comfort of your home! Click the red button above to sign up!

Volunteer Details:

Volunteer shifts will begin on Sunday the week of the resale and continue after the sale on Saturday. Most volunteer shifts occur between 9:00 am & 8:00 pm (in 3-hour shifts). A description of each job/shift will be provided upon online sign up.


There will be some specific shifts or duties that require heavy lifting; please do not sign up for these shifts if you have restrictions. All shifts will require physical labor and some lifting.

We offer two volunteer choices:


*Super Volunteer! (9 hours) Sign up for one 3-hour shift. You will work that shift and pick up an additional 6 hours (9 total) at your convenience. A resale representative will be in contact with you to ask your plans for dates/times. In return, you'll receive an exclusive invite to shop at 4:00pm on the day before our public resale. *


*Community Volunteer! (3 hours) Sign up for one 3-hour shift and receive an invite to shop at 5:00pm on the day before our public resale. *


*NOTE: Shop dates/times for volunteers are subject to change. 


To show our appreciation for all that they do, scheduled volunteers will be invited to a special "preview sale" before the public Saturday resale. Only those who are scheduled volunteers will be invited (no guests or children will be allowed).

Preview Sale:

Things to Remember:

Childcare is not provided during the volunteer shift/preview sale; children are not allowed to accompany you to your volunteer shift or the presale. The only exception will be nursing moms/babies.

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