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Resale Committee Application


Email Address*

Have you participated in our sale in the past?*

Number of Children in your household:*



Home Church:*

Tell us about a few of your strengths and/or what you enjoy.*

Tell us why you'd like to be part of our committee.*

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Thank you for your interest in joining our Resale Committee !

With each bi-annual sale, hundreds of volunteers generously donate thousands of hours of time, allowing for our sale to be successful time and time again.  At the heart of the volunteers is our Resale Committee.  This group of individuals go above & beyond the call of the general volunteer.  They provide sale oversite, guidance to general volunteers, and often take ownership of one particular area of the sale.  With that, of course, is additional volunteer hours.  Without the Resale Committee, none of this would be possible!

We are always looking to add smiling faces to the Resale Committee.  Things we look for in committee members:

  • A heart to serve others.

  • Willingness to jump in & lend a hand where necessary.

  • Ability to build people up with your words.

  • Show love & compassion to those around you.

  • Approach every interaction with kindness.

We offer full time & part time committee member options:


  • 14 to 18 hours during the week (Sun through Wed)

  • Thursday (4 hours)

  • Friday (4 hours)

  • Saturday all day from 8:30am to 4:45

  • Shop time 2:30pm on day prior to public sale (exact shop time dependent on hours volunteered & sponsorships obtained)


  • 10 to 12 hours during the week (Sun through Wed)

  • Thursday or Friday (4 hours)

  • Saturday 9am to 3pm OR 11am to 5pm (6 hours)

  • Shop time 5pm on day prior to public sale (exact shop time dependent on hours volunteered & sponsorships obtained)


  • Being an active participant in the organization of the resale.

  • Working alongside women who enjoy the resale as much as you.

  • Serving on a project that benefits families all across Michiana & beyond.

  • Getting to see all the families that are blessed through the resale.

  • Invitation to shop the committee preview sale.

  • Seeing the whole process from beginning to end.

  • Delicious food and desserts:)

  • Getting to wear the brightly colored resale shirts!

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