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Shopping Reminders

  • You are welcome to come prior to doors opening & wait in line outdoors.
    • We always have a large assortment of strollers, highchairs, pack ‘n plays, cribs, toddler beds, exersaucers, bouncy seats, bikes, outdoor play toys, etc. You will want to come early for the best selection of these items as they typically go fast.

    • Shoppers have been known to show up several hours before the sale starts. A port-a-potty will be available in the parking lot. No early entrance will be allowed. Please do not save space in line for your friends/relatives unless they have a small infant that needs to be in the car until the start of the sale. Resale committee reserves the right to ask anyone to join the end of the line for cutting in line.

  • Smoking and profanity is not permitted on resale premises.
  • Cash and Checks (with valid ID) are accepted.
    • Checks are to made payable to Children’s Resale. No credit/debit cards will be accepted. There is an ATM on site, however, it has been known to be maxed out by the end of the sale.

  • Bring your own bag(s) or basket(s) to put all your items in as you are shopping – none will be provided.
    • Leave all tags attached to your items.

  • Purchasing a large item?
    • Locate a resale committee member (colorful resale shirt). They will assist you with tagging the item so it will be ready for you to pick up after you checkout. That way you won’t be forced to try to lug it around and shop at the same time!

  • No unpaid merchandise is allowed in the restrooms.
    • Dressing rooms are available in our junior section.

  • If you have any questions or need any assistance during the sale, find a resale committee member (wearing a brightly colored resale t-shirt). We will be happy to assist you!
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